This is the top track in the conference with a large number of incredible speakers
Even 11 Oracle ACE's work will be presented 


  • Ami AHARONOVICH (Oracle ACE) from Israel will have two features of Oracle 11g DB 12c Partitioning and Oracle DB 11g 12c Multitenant good practice. .
  • Christian Antognini (Oracle ACE Director) from Switzerland's leading independent expert in the field of efficient operation and performance optimization of Oracle DB.
  • Joze Senegacnik (Oracle ACE Director) from Slovenia "practical" consultant on several projects. This year comes with unique themes revision Trail 12c and Oracle Transparent and network data encryption.
  • Heli Helskyaho (Oracle ACE Director) from Finland after a couple of years back with us. Talking about the design through a two topics - Comparison of design and databases with Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler and What's New in Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler.
  • Piet de Visser (Oracle ACE) from Belgium with capacity planning, a very simple and clear
  • When you use Oracle Standard Edition and Oracle Enterprise Edition a number of topics will be presented by Zoran Jovanovic (Oracle ACE) from IN2 and  Alen Prodan from the Login
  • Roundtable Oracle DB Standard Edition where Philippe Fierens and Jan Karramans through interactive presentation will moderate disscusion through a series of considerations.
  • Alex Nuijten (Oracle ACE Director) from Netherland comes with the topic of Oracle 12c for developers and theme from the development and development tools Analytical functions: Unleash the power of SQL.
  • Philippe Fierens (Oracle ACE Associate) with the theme of SPARC Super Cluster Swiss Army knife for engineered systems.
  • Zoran Pavlovic (Oracle ACE) with celebrations of Maja Veselica (Oracle ACE Associate) from Serbia will present the topic of Introduction to SQL Tuning.
  • # RepAttac increasingly popular way to work together with colleagues and participate in discovering the secrets in this case the "enter" and deeply understand how the replication really works. Head of the team that will gather the curious "fighters" Jan Karramans (ORCL ACE A, Netherlands). The brave and curious you have the opportunity.
  • In the name of Oracle Real World Performance Team comes specialist for realization of the order and performance improvements without upgrading. Will present us Vlado Baron (Oracle Corporation US). With great pleasure we welcome and listen to the Zagreb student, who began his career with us, and after 2005 became a member of Oracle WTP team. Government will also be present and Mastering AWR Report and in addition to the Group Development and Tools and the topic Using RAC to scale your applications and databases - a real world use case for developers and architects.
  • Bulgaria company Tehnologica this time will be presented by Ivica Arsov with the topic Oracle Database 12c - Data Redaction. Bulgaria Krasimir Kovachki comes with an interesting proposal Oracle Exadata at home - preparing for 1Z0-027 exam.
  • Sergey Rozman (Abacus plus Slovenia) will present the Backup Oracle database on the zero space in zero time. His colleague Boris Oblak (Abacus plus Slovenia) will this time be presented in the Group Development and Tools topic Backup Server: The environment for testing and development of the "real" data.
  • Drasko Tomic (HP) with HP universal DB solution with DL580 and 3PAR StoreServ 7450 All-Flash array.
  • Boris Milosevic (Bilog) with Disaster Recovery solutions and
  • Josip Pojatina (mstart) with the theme of Java Stored Procedures. 


The conference is organized by the Croatian Association of Oracle users. More about the association can be found at Hroug.hr.

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