HrOUG 2021

HrOUG 2022 starts on with one more conference. So two HrOUG conferences will be organized: the first in May in Tuhelj, and the second in October in Rovinj

The spring HrOUG conference is ahead of you. The conference program will be supplemented by some more lectures that have been announced, but the lecturers did not manage to make an official application due to their business obligations. The agenda will be activated by 20.4.

We invite you to come to Tuhelj, to not only listen to great lectures and improve your knowledge and talk to other participants from the Oracle community. Dedicate some time to yourself in the Water Planet of Hotel Well, relax and enjoy during evening social gatherings with top performers and get extra energy to solve everyday tasks.

Many participants told us that the one-year gap between the two conferences is often a too long period in which technological progress does not slow down, but on the contrary, in the meantime, a larger number of innovations appear that cannot be presented in a shorter time right after the announcement or are put "on hold" until the next conference.

Furthermore, one annual conference is often burdened with many lectures in different tracks at the same time, so some quality lectures do not come to the fore or are put on a waiting list. 

Therefore, our idea is to hold not one but two HrOUG conferences a year, one in the spring (New !!!) and the other (traditionally) in the fall, so that we can get faster and more appropriate exchange of information and timely transfer of news, and thus a larger number of lectures could be accepted. In addition, our desire is to dedicate more time at the conference to the best solutions from the practice of so-called. "Best practices & success stories" and exchange of experiences.

HrOUG conferences are known not only for excellent sessions and speakers but also for quality and productive socializing in less formal moments and a fun atmosphere when it is often easier to make contacts between participants and exchange knowledge and experiences, which will remain our practice in the future. Most often, these conversations and direct contact of all participants and speakers resulted in faster and better problem solving and technological optimization of solutions as well as the establishment of beneficial collaborations and partnerships. your sleeves in February and register for the lecture for the spring edition of the HrOUG conference.

I hope to see you at HrOUG conferences in spring and autumn.