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Friday, 16. October 2015., 12:30


Hall 3 Restaurant



Kapsch Fraud Management System is a fraud detection, analysis and decision support application environment for telecommunications service providers. The system detects and analyzes fraud and recommends fraud counteractions. It is designed to serve as an assistant to fraud department personnel, but can be configured for a full automatic operation if an adequate provisioning interface is available.The Fraud Management System detects fraud by reading and analyzing streams of call detail records (xCDR, SS7, TAP, NRTRDE, etc.) from a variety of sources. As part of its detection function, the system tracks current usage at both the individual subscriber level, and the individual number level for GSM networks. It detects anomalies within the data and automatically generates alarms (fraud events). The system then analyzes these alarms and identifies likely fraudulent behavior. This information is then presented to a fraud analyst in a “Fraud Case” form using a standard HTML web-based graphical user interface. Kapsch Fraud Management System can be customized by defining parameters based on the unique business and customer policies. The system uses these parameters to prioritize fraud and helps define counter-measures. These parameters determine the behavior of the system's case management and decision support features in instances of suspected fraud. Fraud Management System links definable actions to specific fraud types. Actions can be changed at any time, activated automatically, or suppressed if manual review is preferred. Kapsch FMS is deployed on two physical servers and consists of these functional subsystems:1. Core modules2. xDR processing subsystem3. Other data collection subsystem4. Rating and discounting subsystem5. Event generation subsystem6. User applications subsystem7. Administration applications subsystem8. Reporting subsystem

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