Using aggregates and combining datasources in Oracle BI



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Wednesday, 14. October 2015., 09:00


Hall 5 Apartmants



Aggregates are usually one of the key elements of any data warehouse. They are natural response to performance bottlenecks we usually face in real life. Using Oracle BI in combination with data warehouses this is not an exception. 

When running measure aggregations at different levels of dimensional hierarchy, we will sooner or later run into performance bottlenecks. In Oracle BI we can solve this quite easy by defining new aggregates as data sources for our logical models. However, if there are a lot of aggregates required, then manual management of aggregates is not that simple task anymore. Aggregate Persistence Wizard can be used to create and model aggregates in order to relieve the bottleneck and pre-calculate and store the data for better query response. Beside that we can reuse Aggregate Persistence Wizard scripts to manage and refresh data in our aggregated tables.

But what if your aggregates are stores in an Essbase cube? Well, Oracle Business Intelligence has answers for this case as well. Basically it you would combine an essbase cube in the same way as using aggregates. It is just another datasource type.

What if you have your actual and planning data in various data sources. Well, you will find out that Oracle Business Intelligence handles these type of situations very efficiently as well.

Do you want to find out how Oracle Business Intelligence does that? If yes, then join me for this demos based presentation.

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