Integration with FINA's e-Račun (e-Invoice) service for business users


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Date and time

Friday, 21. October 2016., 14:55


Hall D



FINA's e-Račun (e-Invoice) is Internet service for electronic invoice interchange between suppliers and customers. It enables invoice creation, delivery and archiving. Our integration system implements FINA's specification and enables electronic invoices in UBL format to be sent and received. The presentation will cover all the basic terms and technologies used (Java, SOAP web services, UBL specification, digital signatures, PKI (Public Key Infrastructure)). It will also cover available FINA's web services (synchronous and asynchronous web services, their differences and their implementations), architecture of the implemented system and integration possibilities with other systems (databases, ERP, archive and others).

Lecture details

Type: Lecture
Level of difficulty: General
Experience Level: No experience
Desirable listeners function: Developers

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