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1 K4 KEYNOTE ACE Director   Heli Helskyaho Miracle Finland Oy Big Data and the Multi-model Database
2 406 DBA     Adam Boliński Tiento Ltd. High-Performance Oracle environment on NFS
3 412 DBA     Boris Oblak Abakus plus d. o. o. Value Added Backup
4 402 DBA ACE Associate   Ilmar Kerm Kindred Group Automating Oracle database administration, practical examples with Ansible
5 401 DBA     Ivica Arsov Pythian Automate DBA Tasks With Ansible
6 414 DBA ACE Director OT Jože Senegačnik db Prof What is new in Multitenant 12.2
7 404 DBA ACE OT Kamil Stawiarski ORA-600 Back to the basics: TABLESPACES? but a little bit low level style
8 413 DBA ACE OT Kamil Stawiarski ORA-600 VOODOO - the black magic of cheep cross-database replication  The history why we wrote our own replication tool between Oracle and PostgreSQL with a bit of low level archivelog architecture explanation.©
9 409 DBA ACE   Maris Elsins Pythian Mining the AWR v1: Alternative Methods for Identification of the Top SQLs
10 410 DBA ACE   Maris Elsins Pythian Mining the AWR v2: Trend Analysis
11 305 CLOUD ACE Director   Mark Rittman Trittman Mead Oracle Big Dana Cloud Service Compute Edition + and DW Cloud Service Deep Dive
12 311 CLOUD     Morana Kobal Butković Oracle Oracle Bare Metal Cloud Services Workshop
13 407 DBA ACE   Neil Chandler Chandler Systems Histograms are Evil like Chocolate is Evil
14 415 DBA ACE   Neil Chandler Chandler Systems Why Has My Plan Changed. Top 7 Plan Stability Pitfalls and How To Avoid Them!
15 304 CLOUD ACE Director   Osama Mustafa Gurus Solutions How to migrate on-premises Oracle databases to Oracle Database Cloud Service
16 306 CLOUD ACE Director   Osama Mustafa Gurus Solutions Oracle Cloud for Dummies
17 403 DBA     Patrick Jolliffe Li & Fung Trading Ltd AWR Warehouse: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly
18 408 DBA ACE   Philippe Fierens independant Little Red Riding Hood and GDPR : Who?s afraid of the big GDPR
19 310 CLOUD     Pieter Van Puymbroeck Exitas The journey of a bi database stack to the cloud
20 411 DBA     Sergej Rožman Abakus plus d. o. o. PERFECT RECALL = Lossless Backup
21 405 DBA ACE   Zoran Jovanović IN2 High available architecture for Oracle Fusion Middleware

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The conference is organized by the Croatian Association of Oracle users. More about the association can be found at Hroug.hr.

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