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Wednesday, 18. October 2017., 14:50


Hall C



Kapsch FMS 4.1 is a system for automated fraud prevention, primarily in the telecom sector. It was developed from close, although inadequately unified versions produced for different telecom operators.By unifying all versions in one application and by virtualizing it, the hardware, maintenance, administration, and application upgrade costs have been significantly reduced.The lecture on \\\\\\\"Kapsch FMS Virtualization\\\\\\\" will show in a concrete example how to unify multiple different versions into one, using an event driven meta model. It will also show how to virtualize the same unified version for the purpose of:- Reduction of multiple sister - operators to one installation- Conducting FMS by a unique team for all operators- Capabilities of FMS as a service for all interested operators clientsIn practice, this meant developing virtualization of input data - such as transactional records that can be accessed through a split or unified file, as well as master data at multiple hierarchical levels. An additional subsystem has been built to maintain the meta-settings of access rights to virtualized system settings to the level of individual users belonging to the main operator or subsystem operator, as well as clustered settings for one or more subgroup groups. Virtualized basic settings are required, which are necessary for proper system performance adjustment to complex hierarchical settings related to automatic actions based on RBE. Standards for implementing local functionality have been developed to avoid overlapping identifiers. Particular attention was paid to the problem of horizontal and vertical visibility of the data to allow or restrict the viewing of data to certain users by fine granulation of rights, which is of utmost importance for security and disabling unauthorized access to data. Given the deep capillarity of virtualization, a significant part of the system needs to be modified and tailored, and therefore optimized further.Successful realization of the virtualization project opened up new advantages for users as easily aggregated comparative reports for multiple operators are easily accessible, as well as possibilities for further system development in the direction of intelligent fraud prevention methods.

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Type: Lecture
Level of difficulty: Detailed
Experience Level: Experienced
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