Above and Beyond Java 9, 10, 11, 12…


Development & Middleware

Date and time

Friday, 19. October 2018., 12:05


Hall C



In the modern "World of Java" there was a lot of interesting things going on in the last year, and many things are yet to come. A bit more than a year ago we got a long-awaited Java 9 with Jigsaw modularization and many other new features. This spring we "moved Java forward faster" and switched to Java 10 with more than 100 new features, following a new release model and versioning scheme. Only three weeks ago we got a brand-new Java 11 with more than a dozen of new JEPs and accompanying features, also coming with long-term support. Now, we are already looking forward to Java 12 and other interesting stuff coming from incubator projects Amber and Valhalla, and new ideas in projects Loom, Panama, and Metropolis. Beside accelerated changes in the World of Java, there is an even larger number of modern technology trends such as IoT, Smart Devices, Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Robotics, and Blockchain, which are rapidly adopted and developers must respond to it. We will be discussing this hyper-progress from the perspective of a typical Java development team, and talk about our present and our future, globally and locally. We will tackle important technical skills Java developers need these days, and, even more important, how to acquire them. Finally, we will close with details of (y)our favorite Java community – HUJAK.

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Type: Lecture
Level of difficulty: General
Experience Level: No experience
Desirable listeners function: Developers , All of them
Group of activity: Development & Middleware

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The conference is organized by the Croatian Association of Oracle users. More about the association can be found at Hroug.hr.

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