Dynamic AWR


DBA & Infrasturcture

Date and time

Thursday, 18. October 2018., 09:30


Hall A



In this lecture you will get insight into an in house developed monitoring tool, built in APEX and based on statistical data stored in AWR warehouse.

Using this tool we are now able to do all kinds of trend analysis over a huge amount of parameters over different time periods. It is now easier to notice any anomalies or bottlenecks in our Oracle infrastructure, and also successfully predict possible problems in near future.

All this is possible with only a few clicks from one location, for >100 Oracle databases... and if you have Enterprise Edition with Diagnostics and Tuning option there is no extra cost!

Lecture details

Type: Lecture
Level of difficulty: Detailed
Experience Level: Experienced
Desirable listeners function: DBA

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The conference is organized by the Croatian Association of Oracle users. More about the association can be found at Hroug.hr.

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