Building good GUIs - it's got nothing to do with the framework


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Thursday, 18. October 2018., 15:50


Hall C



Building GUIs is often an underrated, but actually complicated responsibility because it entails a host of decisions: how input validation should work, search, use of the keyboard and/or mouse, how to build it modularly, manage groups of objects, react to errors etc. When done right, there are fewer bugs, development speeds up, the GUI is nicer to use and in the end increases the value of the delivered solution.Despite of all this, for every 10 discussions about frameworks - Swing and SWT a while back, React and Angular today, something else tomorrow - we get maybe just one on the subject of how to build a good GUI. In this talk we therefore lay out the results of a comparison of GUIs of 5 of our systems and ask some hard questions: which of the features were planned, which were implemented ad hoc, which ideas work, which not so well and how do these slip-ups slip through?

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Type: Lecture
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Group of activity: Best Practicies & Success Stories

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