Oracle Reports v. 13b – opportunities and challenges


Development & Middleware

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Friday, 19. October 2018., 09:30


Hall C



Official Oracle suspension for Oracle Reports prompted consideration for switching to the new reporting tool. Official successor is Oracle BI Publisher, but also Jasper Report can serve as a good alternative. In both cases, it is possible to use an existing database user account as a dynamic data source to minimize the amount of changes introduced by a new reporting tool. Using a dynamic data source makes it easy to manage user rights, disables data leaks without additional user hassle. The pragmatic installation of library for reporting on an application server can help avoid the hassle of calling a web service and administering reporting server accounts. CTSO (Croatian Transmission System Operator) will present its best practices to establish a reporting system.

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Type: Lecture
Level of difficulty: Detailed
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Group of activity: Development & Middleware

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