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Andrej Grlica was born in Rijeka in 1986 where he grew up and finished primary school and Secondary School of Electrical and Computer Engineering. Ever since his primary school years Andrej has been showing great interest in computers which led him into researching and studying programming languages. By learning various programming languages Andrej has developed skills that triggered him to further develop and perfect his knowledge by entering Faculty of Computer and Information Science in Ljubljana. During his studies, Andrej started a job where he met APEX for the first time. Since then he has been constantly learning and developing his APEX skills for more than 10 years. Andrej worked for various ministries, insurance companies, banks, domestic and foreign. He is devoting a part of his free time into IT skills development by publicly accessible projects like APEX plugin. Andrej has held multiple APEX workshops, he was invited to speak at Faculty of Organizational Sciences at Maribor University where he was awarded a title of visiting specialist for APEX. Besides IT, Andrej's other hobby is mountaineering, he spends a lot of his free time in mountains. He has been an actively licensed mountain guide for 15 years now.


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