Customer segmentation and advanced mail campaigns of promotion electronic services in Elektroprivreda BiH by using Oracle Siebel CRM and Oracle BI tool


Business Intelligence & Analytics

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Thursday, 17. October 2019., 09:30


Hall D



Since 2016, Public Enterprise Elektroprivreda BiH works on open electricity market, which brought many changes in business processes and IT support as well. It was neccessary to implement a completely new approach to the cutomer, his needs and requirements, which resulted in implementation of new CRM functionalities. Besides reactive approach to customer requirements and complaints, we had to implement proactive approach through marketing campaign providing different electronic services, such as: e-bill (electronic delivery of electricity bills), sms-bill, e-payment (electronic payment) and many others.Implementation of these activities required proactive market segmentation, identification of certain customer groups by some filter, and providing outgoing campaigns and services to end customers. In order to implement these activities we used two Oracle tool: Oracle Siebel CRM and Oracle BI Enterprise Edition (OBIEE). OBIEE application is generally used for business analysis and reporting on certain dana in CRM database.OBIEE is organized in three layers: physical layer, business layer and presentation layer. On physical layer there are metadata from CRM database as well as pointers to tables and views. Tables in CRM database are logically connected and transfered to the business layer. If needed, there can be created additional logical tables, calculations, new fact tabels, and many other new objects. Business layer logic is transfered to the presentation layer in identical form where data become available to end users, separated into different subject areas.For market segmentation we used subject area „Campaigns“ which contains data about: customers, contacts, e-services, addresses, and many others.Customer segmentation is started by creating analysis with certain filters. For instance, we can get all household customers in Elektrodistribution Sarajevo that use e-bill service. Result of this analysis is stored in CRM outgoing campaign. That campaign contains a record for each customer contact data (phone, e-mail). Since this is e-mail campaign, e-mail address will be the key data for sending e-mail to end customers. In CRM application, we create template for e-mail campaign which contains: subject, email body and attachment. If we want to add some picture in e-mail body, we create HTML template.Running campaign can be automatized through some scheduled job or it can be started manually and controlled by administrator.Campaign monitoring is done through special OBIEE reports or on CRM.Using Oracle Siebel CRM in combination with OBIEE tools is very simple, flexible and intuitive solution that gives many different possibilities for customer profiling and adjusting to business needs, for the purpose of improving customer relationship.

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