National digital transformation - challenges and opportunities


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The aim of the lecture is to share the analysis of the current state of digitalization and the vision of development. Let’s ride the wave of digital transformation using public ICT resources, primarily eOI (electronic ID cards) and eCitizens system. Special attention is dedicated to cyber security and how to improve it on large scale by using eOI. Comparison of Croatian and Estonian digitization model. Presentation of CEF (Connecting Europe Facility) building blocks and instruments. An overview of the concept of digitization of public services, pitfalls in the digitization of public services and recommendations how to avid them. Presentation of opportunities for the public and private sector: faster, better, cheaper and safer, that is, in a one word, digital. A comment on the proposal of the “National Plan for Digital Transformation of the Economy" along with constructive recommendation. Let us digitize together.

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Type: Lecture
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