From excel to drag&drop and back


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Thursday, 19. May 2022., 15:20


Hall B



New developer tools - SpringBoot, Angular, the concept of object-oriented programming in general and other concepts such as DevOps, Microservices, etc. have acted on us as a kind of earthquake.They shook our previous programming habits and took us with a fast step towards the feeling that you can provide everything to users, and quite quickly.In parallel with learning new technologies, we have decided to apply the acquired knowledge to the project Reserves for Hep Trade, which is used for daily planning of power reserve for automatic secondary frequency control and exchange power.The project was small enough, and yet demanding enough to go through all the most common situations that most developers encounter – from it we could learn enough about both backend and frontend development in Springboot and Angular.In general, it was necessary to make an application that looks and behaves like excel, which was top tool for users.The feeling that we can quickly do anything, slowly disappeared, in proportion to the wideness of possibilities offered by the new tools.User may really want the simplest way and display, as similar as possible to excel, but how to decide to do so when we have a lot more innovative solutions to try in a new environment?Here we describe how we did it and whether we were successful, what were the ideas and how the implementation looked like.

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