JavaScript in APEX for PLSQL developers



Date and time

Wednesday, 18. May 2022., 15:50


Hall B



For some reason we Oracle developers either love JavaScript or we try to avoid using/learning it. This is across the board first hand experience. Why is this? In this session we will try to look into pure concepts, clarify, close this gap and show why we all should be opened to using it. We will touch on things like: - how it is included on an APEX page - client side vs server side data - how to organize code for better re-usability - call PL/SQL and passing values - built in Universal Theme JavaScript APIs - future Take the next step in your APEX JavaScript familiarization.

Lecture details

Talk Attendence: Attendance in person
Level of difficulty: General
Desirable listeners function: Developers , All of them
Group of activity: APEX

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