Omni Loader, a self-tuning database migration accelerator


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Wednesday, 18. May 2022., 16:40


Hall A



I am presenting Omni Loader, a self-tuning, highly scalable database migration accelerator supporting 50 database formats.Omni Loader drastically simplifies the operations while enabling data in multiple environments. All you need is to point it at the source and the target. The software removes the need for a time-consuming setup and quickly creates the equivalent tables in the target, abstracting the whole process and differences between the database formats.Optionally, the user can alter default rules of schema, table, and data type mapping and adjust various parameters to tune the migration process to specific requirements of an environment. Omni Loader is optimized to move data, whether hosted on-prem, in the cloud or both.Omni Loader is available for Windows and Linux environments and covers three scenarios.1) A robust distributed database migration cluster where Omni Loader acts as an orchestrator managing agents on multiple machines. Migration cluster is a horizontally scalable solution for migrations over 10TB and migrations where one needs to copy data strongly encrypted over an insecure network.2) A cog in your automation pipeline which works without a need for human interaction or a UI - fully defined via JSON.3) A standalone native application manageable through a web UI when you need to copy data around quickly.

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