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Oracle Standard Edition is commonly used database for small and middle size companies. One of the typical problems with Oracle SE is lack of proper monitoring build in database as Oracle Automatic Workload Repository is available for Enterprise Edition. DBA's can use a Statspack to monitor database but in lot of cases there is a need to better monitoring granularity. This is an area where OraSASH can be used to establish monitoring on session level and provide like ?ASH? data for DBA. OraSASH is a free product created by Kyle Hailey and now maintained by myself on Github repository. It is a implementation of ?AWR/ASH? like repository. This session will guide DBA through OraSASH design, installation and maintenance process. OrsSASH is providing similar tables to AWR/ASH and same queries can be run against both repositories ? there will be examples how to monitor database and steps how to find out database bottlenecks.

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