15 Troubleshooting tips and tricks for the Oracle Database


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četvrtak, 15. listopad 2020., 17:00





This talk presents 15 different tips and tricks using tools to better troubleshoot and debug problems with Database , Oracle RAC and Oracle Clusterware , ASM and how to get the right pieces of data with the least of commands which today most people do manually

This session will focus on 19 troubleshooting tips and tricks for DBA’s covering tools from the Oracle Autonomous Health Framework (AHF) like Trace file Analyzer (TFA) to collect , organize and analyze log data , Exachk and orachk to perform mass best practices analysis and automation , Cluster Health Advisor to debug node evictions and calibrate the framework , OSWatcher and its analysis engine , oratop for pinpointing performance issues and many others to make one feel like a rockstar DBA

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