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Microservices are a useful concept.But there are a few things to consider when microservices need to interact with a “traditional” database, RDBMS or data-store.In some cases, you can even have your RDBMS (Oracle, PostgreSQL or mySQL) take up the role of a microservice, and achieve remarkable efficiency.We will provide a few use-cases and examples where it may be interesting to use the DB as the main component of the microservice.After the presentation, the audience will have a better idea of the Advantages, and hopefully some ideas to avoid the Disadvantages of Microservices. And in particular use cases, you may choose to use the Database as the base for a microservice.The ppt is partly based on what I see as the un-criticized application of a hip-concept. There are some mistakes that were made time+again in the history of building IT systems, and they seem to re-appear with microservices. Some of the issues around microservices resemble the OO-hype from the 90s. Maybe a microservice is just a big object, by another name. Chattyness (and latency) between MS and DB is already (again) an issue. And the creation of "dedicated databases" for each microservice is also often un-needed. The presentation will show the audience the some Advantages, some Pitfalls, and possible some Ideas to apply Microservices.

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