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srijeda, 18. svibanj 2022., 09:50


Dvorana A



APEX itself delivers a wealth of functionality already out of the box and makes it very easy to use all those beauties declaratively in our applications.Maybe you want to just slightly do it differently but can't directly from the Page Designer?APEX is very well suited for this approach and with PL/SQL, the Oracle Database, HTML and Javascript you really have some mighty tools at your disposal.But wait, did you ever take a good look at how APEX delivers this?There are so many gems "hidden" in the APEX APIs, both PL/SQL and JS, one should really take a closer look.Together with the attendees I will do exactly that, dive into the APEX APIs and explore a rich world.The closer one can stay to those APIs with custom code the easier upgrades will get.In addition there is less chance to reinvent the wheel once one has a good understanding of all that is supplied.Our exploration will be based on solutions from real customer projects and the attendees will get some ready-to-run code for some common requests.

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