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Datum i vrijeme

srijeda, 18. svibanj 2022., 10:40


Dvorana A



Currently, there's one crucial question many IT professionals are asking: "How can I stay up to date with the flood of new information?"In this presentation I will show methods that have helped me personally and still help me to deal with emerging technologies even in times without conferences on premises and without the daily exchange with colleagues in the office. There are several ways to keep up to date. I'll show you my daily routine and share a list of curated sources which can be used to get an overview about emerging technologies. Especially the current times are challenging and require a special level of motivation to not fall into the daily grind. This talk can help you to make learning a convenient routine.

Detalji o predavanju

Način održavanja: Osobno prisustvo
Vrsta: Predavanje
Razina težine: Općenito
Poželjna funkcija slušatelja: Programeri
Grupa aktivnosti: APEX

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